Comics in the Curriculum -
Richard Jensen visited Cedar City last week and conducted three workshops for teachers about teaching children to create comics. Nearly 50 teachers attended these workshops (some even drove in from other districts) and we all learned a lot.

Teachers were impressed with the packet of materials that Jenkins provided. His lessons were classroom ready and he suggested ways to change and adapt his projects to fit within any subject.  He has clearly spent a lot of time preparing his material for teachers. In his words, "I knew how to make comics, but I was less sure just how to teach them. So, I looked to the classroom teachers with whom I worked. I would often ask them; are these steps making sense to you? are there any parts of this process that you think need improvement? is this something that you think that you could replicate? Gradually, I was able to refine my comics lesson to a well tested formula with a high degree of success for the students and teachers."

Teachers commented that they loved having time to complete a project in the workshop and they would use his materials right away in the classroom. Jenkins enjoyed his time in Cedar City.  If you missed the workshop, or are interested in finding out more about Richard Jenkins, visit his website:

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