Thursday, October 8th from 6:00-7:00 pm
Iron Springs Elementary School

Iron Springs, Escalante Valley and North Elementary schools have been piloting a new program in arts education, funded by the Utah Legislature. Come learn about the progress these schools have made after the first year of the program. Attendees of this Arts Night will view student artwork; meet Program Director Janet Wolf and one of Utah’s leading philanthropists, Beverley Taylor Sorenson; and discover what they can do to help secure this program in Iron County.

Last year, the Utah State Legislature passed a bill to fund the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP), a program that provides quality “integrated arts learning” in 20 districts and 52 schools across Utah.  It currently serves approximately 30,000 students.  

The BTSALP has enabled local art specialists Mona Woolsey (Escalante Valley and North Elementary) and Alisa Petersen (Iron Springs) to use visual arts to reinforce core content areas of study such as math and literacy.  Our pilot schools are also participating in a pioneering study of how the arts impact academic performance, social skills, creativity and self-worth. Preliminary findings suggest that this arts-enriched educational program has a dramatic effect on many aspects of a child’s elementary education experience. Most impressive are the observed improvements in confidence, focus, and overall ability to succeed in school and life.

This excellent program has been funded for two years; however, the initial plan was to test the program for four years. Unless continued funding is awarded, the important assessment aspects of the program will be incomplete. Students and teachers will lose the powerful tool of integrated arts learning.

The Arts Night at Iron Springs will help raise awareness and support of this program and its goals. The North Starz Choir will perform at 6:00 pm, followed by an address from Beverley Taylor Sorenson, the visionary behind this statewide program.  Following her address, there will be a gallery stroll of student artwork from all three schools, parents will be able to visit the Iron Springs Art classroom, and a special exhibit of Navajo Weaving from the Utah Arts Council will be on display.

Join the cause by attending this event and finding out how you might help to support this essential arts program.

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