World of Dance Festival -
Schools have the opportunity to attend a multicultural dance festival sponsored by the SUU Ballroom Dance Company. This festival is a multi-cultural showcase that will give your students a chance to experience unique and diverse cultures through the heritage of dance.  The performance is $2 per student and will be held at 10 a.m. on November 13 at the Heritage Center Theatre.

Highlights: American Swing, Argentine Tango, Spanish Paso Doble, Hip HOp and Breakdance, Polenesian, Japanese, Chinese, Native American and many more.

Included for schools that sign up is a multicultural assembly, where participants ot he World of Dance show will come and teach the children about diversity, culture, immigration, and the make-up of their society with many other fun activities.

Contact Mark Baker to reserve space for your students. bakerm(at)suu(dot)edu

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