September: Enoch Downstairs, South Upstairs
October: E Valley Downstairs, North Upstairs
November: Iron Springs Downstairs, Parowan High Upstairs
December: Christmas Displays
January: East Downstairs, Three Peaks Upstairs
February: Cedar High Downstairs, Canyon View High Upstairs
March: Canyon View Middle Downstairs, Cedar Middle Upstairs
April: Fiddlers Downstairs, Parowan Elementary Upstairs
May: Sterling Scholar Exhibit

Hanging Exhibits:   Exhibits should be in place by the 5th school day of each month.  Please do not remove displays before the last two school days of the month.  If a teacher arrives to install an exhibit and finds a display still in place, this should be carefully removed and left with district office personnel.
Information:  Each display should contain information about the school, grade level, and teacher as well as the visual art core concepts covered. Also explain how the visual art experience was integrated into other core curriculum areas.

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    Check here to find information about and pictures of the district office bulletin board displays.


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